"I'm 100% HAPPY with the adoption of Blue Belle, The Sizemore 's are Amazing, caring Wonderful people. Please if your looking for your next Heart horse go visit the KY Rescue and adopt one of the horses. Bless The Sizemore's. They're doing Wonderful work..."

"Great people! Truly kind and compassionate to horses and the humans who love them."

We love to hear from you! Adopted from us and want to share your pictures, experience, or maybe just brag a little? Send us an email with the subject, 'My Rescue'. Please also include whether or not we are able to share it with our followers!

About the KY Horse Rescue

KY Horse Rescue & Mustang Training Center


"One of the best rescues, dog and cat included, that I have come across. A+"

Keep in touch with the rescue to see new horses, get news, inspirational images, and videos of the available horses! Here are several ways to do so:

The mission here at the KY Horse Rescue is to take in horses that can no longer be cared for (owner surrender), have been abused, or save horses from auction. Depending on the condition, we train horses brought into our rescue and rehome them out to approved, loving homes. We also run the Mustang Training Center where we rescue Wild Mustangs, train them, and then rehome them to a new loving families.

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