Where We Began

In 2011, the Sizemore family had decided to rescue and train 3 wild Mustang horses from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The project required the transformation of their 7 acre property into a facility that would house, contain, and accommodate training of horses that had never had human contact. That transformation required six foot fences that were made of two inch thick wood boards. A round pen and paddocks were constructed of the same materials. Then there was patience, lots of patience.

The experience was life-changing for both the family and the Mustangs. The life skills that were learned and taught changed the intertwined lives of both the people and the horses involved, forever. This endeavor would strengthen the bond between the Sizemore family and equine, perpetuating a life-long advocacy for the horse.

The Sizemore family provided all labor and finances for building the facilities on their property to handle and house horses in a safe and humane manner. Protection from the elements was provided as well as safe training facilities. Top quality forage requirements for equine consumption were shipped in from states that could produce it. Clean water, regular veterinarian care, vaccines, wormer and regular farrier care was purchased from personal funds.

It wasn’t long before people began reaching out to the Sizemore family in regards to taking in horses of all breeds that they could no longer afford or care for. They saw a need in the community and rose to the challenge. The Sizemore family went into action, completing all the necessary efforts and paperwork to create a non-profit horse rescue. Then, were awarded their 501 (c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service on May 14, 2014 and became the KY Horse Rescue.

Since those humble beginnings, the KY Horse Rescue has been honored to be a rescue that people can trust. We have expanded to 120 acres of primarily pasture land in Kentucky to accommodate horses. KY Horse Rescue has taken in horses from all over the country. They were even tapped by the Tampa Zoo when their funding ran out for their Chincoteague Horses on display. KY Horse Rescue immediately responded and brought the Chincoteague’s home. KY Horse Rescue has an adoptive range and rehoming area that has saved horses and found new homes in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan, Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, South Carolina and even Canada. We have taken in highly prized and registered Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Saddlebreds, Quarter Horses, and Draft Horses. We have taken in the poorest of horses that just needed a sanctuary and a peaceful place for that final rest. We still support the Wild Mustang and continue to bring in Mustangs from the western ranges of the BLM through Mustang Heritage and TIP program.

KY Horse Rescue requires that all incoming horses and outgoing horses have a coggins, full spectrum of vaccinations, full spectrum wormer, health certificate, and 2 week quarantine.  All incoming horses will be evaluated for ability, both physically and mentally. All adopters are required to complete a full application and submit to a background check prior to meeting the horses. All adopters are required to meet and greet their horse and are highly encouraged to ride the horse before leaving the premises. KY Horse Rescue attempts to match owners with the appropriate horse based on ability and skill level.

Horses are a very expensive endeavor. The KY Horse Rescue does accept donations and volunteers continue to raise finances through on-gong fundraisers throughout the year. All donations are tax-deductible and receipts are issued upon request. The KY Horse Rescue typically has a horse population that can run from 8 horses to as high as 40+ horses. It takes approximately $125 - $150 per month to house and care for a horse. These costs can run higher for horses that come in with medical issues or are hard keepers that have problems maintaining healthy weight. We appreciate our partners that have dedicated their time and money to help us, help horses. We know the sacrifices that are made on behalf of our hooved friends. We respect and appreciate the dedication and unselfishness that they exude in the form of both time and donations.

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