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If you would like to support both Athena and other rescue horses, please consider dinating today! Every little bit helps.


Gaited; Grade

Say hello to our newest rescue, Athena!

Athena was a Kill Pen mare brought in 03/14 to the KY Horse Rescue. A special thanks to Kristin and friends, who helped support Athena and her rescue!

She has now had her 6-Way shots, rabies, health check, and coggins. Starting today she will be in a two week quarantine and will soon be available for adoption.

Check out her welcome video here!


The KY Horse Rescue does not endorse beginner safe horses and it is up to you as a trainer and rider to choose a horse that best fits your riding level and ability.

Horses must have a current health check and coggins before they are able to leave the facility. Legally, a health check must be done and put into your name once the horse has been adopted, as the equine has switched owners.

Our Available Horses

I don't see one I like

Take your time to look through all the wonderful horses we have available, if you still can't find one that you feel you like, go ahead and contact us! If you let us know ahead of time what you're looking for, we will contact you when we get a horse in that we think would be a perfect match for you before we even list them for sale! We want to make sure you and your new horse are a good pair whether you prefer a mare or gelding, a specific breed, or even if you want a horse for eventing or simply trail riding. Just let us know so we can find the perfect addition to your family!

The KY Horse Rescue does not adopt out Beginner Safe Horses. It is up to the adopter to decide their level of experience and choose a horse that matches that ability.