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How do I Donate?


Want to Help us Save Horses?

I can't adopt a horse...

No problem, just because you can't adopt a horse doesn't mean you can't help save one! Horses are extremely expensive animals and our sole income is through generous donators like you! Think of it this way, if you donate $5 that's enough to buy one bale of hay and feed one horse for almost three days! Donating is easy and can even be given as a tax wright off.

But what if I have something else I'd like to donate?

Again, no problem! The KY Horse Rescue is always happy to accept non-monetary donations. In fact, we're always looking for them! We are always in need of fencing, wood, feed, hay, other horse products, trailers, foster homes, transportation, and so much more! Like monetary donations, we can give you a receipt so that you can use it as a tax wright off.